What Is All The Mystery Behind Personal Wellness?

GTTS - What Is All The Mystery Behind Personal Wellness?

Path To Personal Wellness

  • Define
  • Benefits
  • Challenges
  • Importance
  • Goals
  • Plan
  • Checklist

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What is the mystery behind Personal Wellness?

If you were to conduct a search right now, the world of Personal Wellness Is huge.

In a previous article, Building Your Best Self, we bounced around the subject.

Huge in terms of everything that it encompasses.

We really do not critically think about our Personal Wellness.

In most cases, we ignore one part or another of our total being.

Not realizing how much of life, of ourselves, that we neglect.

You are not to blame!

We were never taught how to completely build and structure our well-being.

Settle in and read on, we are going to scratch the surface here!

What Is Personal Wellness?

GTTS - What Is Personal Wellness?

Unfortunately, we abuse anything to do with the different aspects of our Personal Wellness.

Taken our overall being for granted is a given.

The problem that we have is understanding the rules and guiding principles of Personal Wellness.

Okay, take a deep breathe!

Personal Wellness commonly means being physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, spiritually, environmentally, occupationally, and financially healthy.

These eight aspects represent our whole being.

Several variations of these elements exist; nonetheless, they all incorporate to the same essence.

In my opinion, the eight aspects the be incorporated here are a well rounded summation of our total makeup.

The concept of being well rounded is nothing new.

Throughout history science has been on a mission to encounter the ‘total package’.

Frankly speaking, this ‘total package’ status could potentially be an attainable goal.

No one, in a two thousand years, has been born above the need for improvement.

From birth, we are tainted by all that came before us.

Here Are The Benefits of Personal Wellness

GTTS - Here Are The Benefits of Personal Wellness

The benefits of Personal Wellness could prove considerably hopeful for our being and our body.

According to Kate Ranta, “Research studies related to wellness indicate that Americans who take good care of themselves and make healthy lifestyle choices are healthier, happier, more productive, miss less work, and have lower healthcare costs.”

Don’t you want to be healthier? Happier? Or more productive?

Of course you would!

It is important to take into account our overall personal wellness in order to increase the potential for success in our Personal Wellness Plan and enjoy the greatest benefit out of it.

Seven (7) benefits of Personal Wellness are:

  • Health and Fitness Improvement
  • Emotional, Intellectual, and Mental Activity
  • Social Engagement
  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Occupational Productivity Improvement
  • Financial Stability

The Breakdown

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” Buddha

Health and fitness improvements is where we talk about the physical us.

Our bodies, that some of you are diehard fitness fans.

Consequently, my group are those of us the wish we had been living healthier.

Do not get it twisted we still can. there is hope for us yet.

Our emotional, intellectual, and mental spheres intersect to formulate causality within our actions.

For example, our mental is our state of mind, emotional is how we feel, and intellectual processes our decisions.

It plays out as, we have to make a decision that we may or may not regret, so how do we feel about it?

This principle speaks to our state of mind, how we feel at that moment, and our attention to a choice at hand.

Ordinarily, when we hear social engagement, we think Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, or etc.

We are talking more about in-person contact when we speak of social engagement.

Hanging out with friend, meeting new people, and enjoying the personal connections.

GTTS - Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual enlightenment also plays off of our mental.

Who we are? Why we came to be? What is our purpose?

An age old question that has yet to be answered fully.

Nonetheless, we continue to be in search of it.

Image that we have the job of a lifetime, we love punching that clock.

Strengths for improving other aspects/dimensions of our Personal Wellness allows growth in others.

Financial stability is the million dollar dream. each and every one of us fantasize about having that silver spoon.

If not handed to us, then the means to go out and get it on our own.

Where the idea of living beyond our means is a reality.

Now we are on the road to becoming the ‘total package’.

Addressing Some Challenges To Personal Wellness

GTTS - Addressing Some Challenges To Personal Wellness

You see, there just had to be some bad news somewhere.

There are challenges to Personal Wellness that many face.

This is were we discuss mental, physical, and financial concerns that tend to hold us back from living that life we always wanted.

Today’s world is so very fast paced and with a 24 hour new cycle, we suffer from information overload.

We start demonstrating a lack of compassion for our fellow beings (man, woman, or child).

Mentally, we are not there anymore….

We had become distracted by shinny objects that glimmer in the shadows.

We had become selfish, not selfless.

Physical disabilities start with our souls that have been born with an affliction or suffered some trauma in life.

Nonetheless, I have seen friends that have turn these setbacks into successes.

If the healthy ones that we are discussing here.

Living an unhealthy lifestyle is a challenge to our Personal Wellness.

We push ourselves towards sickness, disease, and low self-esteem.

although it is not our intent, living for today means something different to each of us.

Our priorities and so different.

Generally a victim of on our circumstances, we live lives of convenience.

Avoiding any disruptions to the statue quo.

Why Is Personal Wellness So Important?

GTTS - Why Is Personal Wellness So Important?

The importance of Personal Wellness is three fold.

Time, health, and growth is the essence of Personal Wellness.

Time is based on structure and organization.

In addition, time is also about action and activeness.

Many of us do not exercise, maintain healthy diets, or make regular doctor’s visits.

Afraid, financially unable, or one excuse then another.

Most of us are stagnant in our day-to-day lives.

Walking and interacting with blinders on.

Not to say that some are not happy with their current lives.

In this state, growth is impossible.

That is not to say that some movement cannot be realized; however, significant growth will only be a pipe dream.

We will woefully missed our target to achieve peace and prosperity if we fail to act.

In order to attain a higher quality life, operating at a superior level of wellness is absolutely critical.

Our well-being overlaps the physical, intellectual, and mental aspects/dimensions which directly ties into our actions and emotions.

The question is, do you want more out of life?

What Are Your Personal Wellness Goals?

GTTS - Setting Emotional Wellness Goals

We should know our personal wellness goals before we start attempting to make a change.

A person without a plan is destined to fail.

I heard that somewhere and it definitely makes sense, in my opinion.

What do you think?

Personal Wellness goals have to be both thoughtful and thought out.

The changes we make will also affect those around us.

Some for the better, others for the worst!

Remember, for every person that we lose, we will gain a stronger friend.

Consequently, it will not be an easy transition to make.

Setting goals requires a commitment to the process.

“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.” Caroline Myss

Remember, it makes sense to start with small achievable tasks first.

Set simple goal like:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Dine in more often
  • Practice controlling meal portions
  • Establish a morning routine
  • Commit to keeping a journal

No pain, no gain!

A more exhaustive list can be found at developgoodhabits.com.

It is ideal to focus on one goal at a time to avoid system shock.

We do not want to quit before we get started good.

As we progress, a domino effect will occur across the board affecting other areas of our wellness.

Building a support system with family, friends, and coworkers offers a means to avoid going through those hard days alone.

Create A Plan For Your Personal Wellness

GTTS - Create A Plan For Your Personal Wellness

In order to nature our Personal Wellness, creating a wellness plan helps us focus on task that drives us towards our goals.

Each aspect/dimension of Personal Wellness will be affected in order to obtain and maintain our overall well-being.

Creating a personalized plan is a sure-fire method of helping us move to the next level of well-being.

Although this is the first time being mentioned, seek medical and professional help to learn the rules that must be adhered to.

Going off half cocked could lead to disappointment and/or injury, if not both.

Wounding your pride is one thing; however, damaging your body could be detrimental.

Begin the plan by starting with the most obvious subject, physical wellness.

Diet, exercise, and a medical clean bill of health is a great start.

Cage any fears of seeking medical attention, advice, or recommendations.

Medical wellness is more of a preventative measure.

Once upon a time, I hated going to the doctor’s office for fear of bad news or diagnosis.

I once believe that knowing of an illness made you decline faster.

True or not, I dropped that belief and keep a standing appointment every 3 months.

Nothing has gotten better, but nothing has gotten worse either.

In addition, some may find the need to be proactive as a result of a diagnosis.

Try to avoid letting any bad news break our spirit.

The sooner we come to making peace with the news, the sooner we can build around it.

Andrew Davison refers to the use of S.M.AR.T. goals to measure progress. S.M.AR.T. is:

  • S = Specific
  • M = Measurable
  • A = Achievable
  • R = Relevant
  • T = Time bound

In which he says, “The S.M.A.R.T. method keeps you accountable and committed to impactful change.”

Do not be afraid to revisit portions of your plan to make any necessary modifications.

This will allow you to avoid being stagnant.

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Should You Maintain A Checklist For Personal Wellness?

GTTS - Should You Maintain A Checklist For Personal Wellness?

Maintaining a checklist for Person Wellness adds another task for us to keep up with; however, it is essential to our progress.

Finding the right balance requires adequate attention. too little and we may not effect change.

Too much and we stand a chance overload our bodies.

Neither situation would good for our progress.

Remember to do things in moderation and increase in incremental stages.

There is no shortage of Personal Wellness checklists available on the internet.

Finding one should be fairly simple.

In addition, we can mix and match multiple checklists to meet our needs.

A sample checklist can be found here.

Daily, weekly, or monthly checklists can provide different perspectives on needs and accomplishments.

One of the more detailed checklists that I found was ‘The Well-being Checklist‘ offered by Diana Loomans.

Remember, you need to start making a change as soon as possible, but there is no reason to rush into making a decision about what to include or carve out of a plan.

*****The important thing is to begin somewhere north of where we are right now.*****

In Conclusion

GTTS - In Conclusion

We set out to discuss the mystery behind Personal Wellness.

In essence, we acknowledged our 8 aspects of Personal Wellness.

We introduced how the Intellectual, Emotional, and Mental aspects overlap.

Without question, the Physical, Social, and Spiritual aspect uplifts our spirit.

A little happiness never hurt anybody!

Excepting the fact that the Environmental aspect relays on all of us, being one with nature can help us individually.

The Occupational and Financial aspects requires our attention as well.

Whether we work for someone else or ourselves, being content is not enough to live the life we deserve.

We also covered the importance, benefits, and challenges of Personal Wellness.

Realizing, that the negatives do not out weigh the positives. And starting today is important.

Setting goals, creating and executing a plan will greatly impact our ability to be successful.

A checklist can serve as a visual connection to your efforts.

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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