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About Me

Good Time To Shine Founder

Hello everyone and welcome to my Good Time To Shine (GTTS) website.

The thing about me starts with personal growth, which has been a passion of mine for most of my adult life.

As a chore, I endured numerous years on a quest of self-help and improvement.

As a Marine and Police Lieutenant, I spent years training my mind; however, I devoted very little time training my body and my financial health.

I later became an IT Instructor specializing in IT Certifications in areas such as Apple, Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft.

I always enjoyed computers even when I had to endure low capacity hard drives and dial-up internet.

While I am telling my age, that’s okay.

Completely satisfied with my journey through life thus far.

Giving back is my focus now.

Why Do I Want To Help People

Hand Up, No Hand Outs

As I continue to learn and improve my station in life, I want to share my journey and help others.

Information and resources were hard to come by at various stage of my life.

Just like the title suggests, it’s a “Good Time To Shine.”

For me, this is a new way for me to give help to anyone seeks to improve any aspect of their personal wellbeing.

Many of us are victims to our circumstances; however, that does not have to be the end of our stories.

The Reason We Are Here


The purpose of GTTS is to provide our readers with valuable and life altering information.

GTTS will provide pointed information on topics to include blogs about aspects of personal wellness; assorted product reviews; and additional resources.

We need what we need!

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive activities, events, and updates.

Information is free, come enjoy some with me.

Join me and let us make sense of it all!

Feel free to reach out in the space below.

I welcome the opportunity to have a discussion with you.

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To your success and growth,


Founder of Good Time To Shine

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4 thoughts on “About Ronnie”

  1. Proud of you and how far you have come. This is was a great read. Excited to read about the others.

  2. So excited for you, Ronnie, as you share about your journey called “Life”! Hoping ASEA brings you a wealth of cellular health to make an impact on your physical and mental health that, in turn, have an effect on your emotional and spiritual states! Wishing you many blessings en route!

    • Thank you Ileana for stopping by. My ASEA is working out well, thanks for introducing me to that wellness plan. I look forward to interviewing you when I get to that segment. I am certain we can have an engaging conversation.


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