Building Your Best Self

GTTS -Building Your Best Self

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GTTS - Find Your Keys

The key is building your best self.

It is not that uncommon for us to see ourselves as broken, in parts or as a whole.

We often find that one or more areas of our lives is lacking.

Perhaps our health is not the greatest, finances are not quite right, or our love life is failing.

There are no limits to what applies as we contemplate what needs to be upgraded.

Whatever the situation, doing nothing is not an option to consider. Small steps in making adjustments can result in big changes in our lives.

Becoming the best version of ourselves is not an easy task; however, you do not have to go it alone.

We can travel this journey of wellness together.

The “Good Time To Shine” Blog series is a compilation of beliefs, socially agreed upon ideas, professional recommendations, and reviews intended to influence our attention to details in our lives.

Wanting to reach for the stars is not a problem; however, not knowing where to begin or how to attain this is the greatest obstacle.

Expecting a miracle without works is a sign of defeat.

This can only be conquered through determination.

One small step at a time gives us the opportunity to examine our lives and realize the change we desire.

No, the change we deserve.

Limitations Placed on Building Your Self

GTTS - Limitations

According to Bobby Maximus at, “Self-imposed limitations are shackles that hold us down and prevent us from achieving our potential.”

That is not to say that there are not other obstacles in our paths. Self- imposed limitations is merely a starting point and not the destination.

It is common to base our limitations on our beliefs and actions we take.

There are many changes that we go through in our live; seemingly, most are beyond our control.

Yet gaining control is the key to our future success.

Subconsciously, many of us have dreams of how our lives could/should be.

Then reality sets in and reality slaps us on the forehead to remind us of who and where we really are.

Nonetheless, that does not have to be our only storyline.

Finding The Will To Our Best Self

GTTS - We’ll Get Through It

Many of us must accept that we have a “fear” of change.

Specifically, we suffer from a fear of failure.

The correct term for this ailment is atychiphobia.

We must recognize that we tend to suffer from low self esteem, poor motivation, or shame; and of course, the dreaded self-sabotage.

When challenged, we often times concede as opposed to trying harder.

Believe it or not, there is a treatment for this.

Yes that right, there is a treatment!

Treatment can include psychotherapy or medication, if not both.

Coping can be attained through several means, however, they will be discussed later in the series.

That is not to say that fear is the only cause. It would be disingenuous to suggest such.

Our Eight Aspects of Personal Wellness

GTTS - 8 aspects 
Of Personal Wellness

Our article essentially recognizes eight aspects of personal wellness.

While the number of categories may vary, the truth is that every category can be broken down into numerous subcategories and cross- labeled as well.

The “Good Time To Shine” Blog series will cover these individual topics of Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, Occupational, and Financial Wellness.

Be sure to follow, comment, and share the series.

Personal wellness is a total sum game.

Simply because it all equal you. You can remain in your current state or you can slowly adopt change and grow all or part of you.

The choice is ultimately yours.

Building Your Best Self

GTTS - Building Best Self

Life has many moving parts to contend with.

Each part as intricate as the next.

While some adaptations are easy to achieve, others will feel insurmountable at first.

Your desire and willingness can change your life exponentially.

Lauren Adley wrote the article “The Complete Guide to Becoming Your Best Self,” in which she explains there is always that best version of ourselves hidden somewhere right within us.

There is a strong belief that we all are capable of being and doing more. We just have to believe!

Living up to our potential and leaving a memorable mark on the world is a great achievement, not matter how insignificant we may feel.

We may not always feel or realize our impact on others.

I have encountered numerous individuals who felt that their legacies did not matter.

That could not be farther from the truth if you separated it with two commas and brackets.

I am certain that many of us are familiar with story of “The Pebble and The Pond.”

The student suggested to pebble could not possibly affect the pond.

In reply, the instructor said that even ripples from the smallest pebble will effect a small change in the pond.

The aforementioned idea can be applied to everything you read in this series.

This concept also draws on topic 7 the Spiritual Aspect of Personal Wellness.

As am I, I hope you will be excited to read the Blog series.

Claim Your Good Time To Shine

GTTS - Time To Build

Consequently, limiting ourselves out of fear or any other perceived shortcomings can be overcame with the right motivations.

There’s no shame in needing/seeking/accepting help.

Providing we acknowledge that there is a problem, possess a willingness to seek and receive help, and an attempt to follow through, we can successfully improve all aspects of our lives.

Limiting ourselves is one of the drawbacks to our success in life.

With that said, achieving greatness is no simpler than flipping a switch.

Realistically, some switches are harder to flip than others.

Find and follow your North Star to get to each stage of your journey.

While psychotherapy or medication are optional avenues, they earn not required to begin the journey.

A conscious effort to change little things about our daily routines, eating habit, and more can begin to transform us into a better version of us than we can imagine.

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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