Emotional Wellness: Considering Mind-Blowing Achievements

GTTS - Emotional Wellness: Considering Mind-Blowing Achievements

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Ever Considered Mind Blowing Achievements Of Adequate Emotional Wellness?

The eagerness to be healthy today is almost fanatical.

The fitness world is a two or three trillion dollar business.

For optimal wellness, we must consider all eight aspects of Physical Wellness, including emotional wellness.

Our happiness and mental health are linked closely to being emotionally good.

While it attracts far less attention than some other aspects, like social wellness, it is crucial for our health.

This installment of personal wellness will examine the meaning of emotional wellness and its contribution to our well-being.

What Is Emotional Wellness And Why Is It Important

GTTS - What Is Emotional Wellness And Why Is It Important

Emotional wellness includes our thoughts, emotions, and ability to deal with life’s challenges.

The National Center for Emotional Wellness defines it as “refers to an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our feelings, and our ability to manage effectively through challenges and change.”

I need to review this aspect of personal wellness to address my own issues.

Yes, I too have some improvements to make.

That explains why the topic is of such importance. In a perfect world, emotional wellness wouldn’t be a thing.

In addition, emotional wellness closely runs parallel with self-reflection.

Self-reflection suggests that we think deeply about incidents in the past, present, or future.

No, you’re not seeing into the future.

However, you can reflect on past and current situations to guesstimate potential future outcomes.

Being emotionally balanced is how we keep ourselves in check.

If we can cope with life effectively, then we can achieve improvement within each aspect of our personal wellness.

Own it and you can achieve it!

In addition, a person is well emotionally also has the ability to form satisfying relationships with others.

Benefits of Emotional Wellness

GTTS - Benefits of Emotional Wellness

Emotionally healthy people can bounce back more quickly than others in bad conditions.

Once we identify desires or aims in life, we can take positive actions which can help to fulfill desires and can make changes in life.

Emotional wellness allows us to heal from stress, anxiety, depression, affliction, and other health issues.

Increasing self-confidence and believing in oneself is a side effect of emotional wellness.

As an emotionally healthy person has better health, mental stability, and more productive.

Consequently, emotional wellness can improve social skills within the whole community and how to interact with different of people.

The ability to turn off negative distractions is another side effect.

Imagine gaining self-control and being able to improve concentration.

Is Emotional And Mental Wellness The Same?

GTTS - Is Emotional And Mental Wellness The Same?

There is some question whether emotional and mental wellness are the same.

Unfortunately, current authorities argue that they are different.

Mental wellness cover three (3) aspects of our personal well-being; emotional, psychological, and social.

Emotional wellness is having an awareness of your emotions and the ability to manage and express those feelings in a manner that is age-appropriate.

While there are no shortcuts, it is possible to take steps to improve.

Here are some differences between emotional and mental wellness.

First, mental wellness is how well your mind processes and understands information and experiences.

Emotional wellness, on the other hand, involves your ability to manage and express the emotions that come from what we have learned and experienced.

Next, an important difference between mental and emotional wellness is that you can experience mental wellness issues while maintaining good emotional wellness, as the opposite is also true.

How well you understand and process what you experience is not mental wellness is about.

The ability to carefully reason through decisions and maintain a steady, focused attention span is also covered.

Because to the wide scope of mental wellness, it is in sharp contrast to emotional wellness, which is more focused on actively understanding and managing your emotions.

Setting Emotional Wellness Goals

GTTS - Setting Emotional Wellness Goals

According to Tanya J. Peterson at healthplace.com, there are six (6) emotional wellness goals:

  1. Life satisfaction;
  2. Being active with your emotions rather than a passive target for them;
  3. Emotional regulation;
  4. Becoming a distant observer;
  5. Being comfortable with discomfort; and
  6. Making peace with what you can’t control.

Let’s dig a little deeper!

Life satisfaction considering the big picture as opposed to individual incidents. One action is not the sum total of our existence.

Being active with your emotions rather than a passive target for them is pointing our attention to something more positive and constructive than what you’re currently feeling.

Emotional regulation is a skill that you can develop that involves pausing and thinking before impulsively reacting when emotional.

In addition, emotional regulation also involves intentionally choosing not to be defined by your feelings.

Becoming a distant observer simply means, looking at feelings in the third person.

As if it’s not happening to us, but instead happening someone else.

Techniques For Improving Your Emotional Wellness

GTTS - Techniques For Improving Your Emotional Wellness

What can we do to improve our emotional wellness?

That’s a million dollar question.

In the previous segment, we identified six (6) emotional wellness goal.

The question is how do we achieve them? There is no one answer.

One of the first things that can be done is increase our number of friends.

Our social circle is a very important part of improving our wellness.

You know ‘live, love, and learn’.

The interactions among people who you can ‘let your hair down’ help to relax us.

That one may not work for me, since I am bald.


Being around people, for the most part, tend to make us happier, livelier, and more relaxed.

Our social circles can provide an outlet for frustration, pinned up anger, and minimizes loneliness.

We were told the ‘knowledge is power’.

But I argue that a more accurate statement is that ‘actionable knowledge is power.’ Trust me there is a difference.

The plain statement about knowledge being power is true; however, actionable knowledge applies to usable information.

For example, I can read a thousand sports articles to learn about a sport which teaches me about sports.

However, to learn to play the game, I need specific information.

That specific information is our actionable knowledge.

There is a difference between knowing about a thing versus knowing how to do that thing!

The idea is to learn more to minimize our fears of the unknown.

Exercise is another method for reducing stress and improving emotional wellness.

Managing our stress level is a key factor in improving our wellness.

In addition, ‘sexercise’ can help to build confidence and self-worth.

The ties with a committed partner makes sex a prime stress reliever.

A good night’s sleep is yet another means of improving emotional wellness.

There are a number of videos surfacing across the internet that are breaking down the sleep cycle and how the lack sleep affects the body.

Rejuvenation occurs during those hours of sleep; therefore if you don’t get enough sleep, the body can’t replenish itself properly.

Setting weekly goals is another technique that can keep us on our toes.

Keeping a daily or weekly schedule can help us be more productive.

Flying by the seat of our pants is counter-productive and wastes a great deal of valuable time.

Bottom line is to foster an environment that keeps you proactive in helping achieve emotional wellness.

A Recap Or A Nightcap?

GTTS - A Recap Or A Nightcap?

Getting and keeping of emotional wellness in check should be a daily focus.

As we have identified emotional wellness and  discussed its importance.

A desire to be better is not enough.

We must put in some work.

Getting and keeping of emotional wellness in check should be a daily focus.

As we have identified emotional wellness and discussed its importance.

A desire to be better is not enough. We must put in some work.

We discussed the benefits of emotional wellness.

Benefits that in most instances appear unattainable.

As long as we put forth an honest effort, we will see positive results.

In addition, we’ve discussed the difference between emotional and mental wellness.

Without a clear vision of what we hope to achieve, we won’t.

Setting goals is another means of achieving emotional wellness.

Each time we reach a milestone, we are one step close to achieving our goals.

The techniques for achieving emotional wellness vary.

However, the techniques covered here are but a small fraction of activities available to grow your emotional wellness.

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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