Physical Wellness: An Informative Look At Achievability

GTTS - Physical Wellness: An Informative Look At Achievability

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Relatively speaking, physical wellness is the first of our Eight Aspects of Personal Wellness.

Our bodies often reminds us of when it needs attention; however, most of us fail to immediately address any issues.

Most men allow pride to keep them out of a doctor’s office.

Although the statistics for recent years are improving, we are not where we should be.

It is estimated by the Cleveland Clinic that close to 60% of men don’t see a doctor regularly.

While it’s not surprising, women probably spent more time at the doctor’s office than in the salon.

But I assure those percentages are probably close.

Nonetheless, doctor’s visits should be more for maintenance as opposed to illness.

In our look into the aspects of physical wellness, we will discuss aspects of physical wellness, examples of physical wellness, and developing a physical wellness plan.

What is Physical Wellness?

GTTS - What is Physical Wellness?

Physical wellness is more than just avoiding or living without disease.

According to an article by the University of New Hampshire, “Physical Wellness is listening to and taking care of your body for optimal health and functioning.”

Optimal health and functioning?

If that don’t sound easy….

It sounds as if that covers ever bit of our physical existence.

Perhaps that’s why fitness is a 2 trillion dollar business.

Darn, I’m in the wrong line of work!

It still leaves you with questions.

If we know the physical wellness is dependent upon our consumption in life, where not provide better consumables.

That would probably be considered communistic.

Nonetheless, as you read on, we take a more detailed look at what makes up physical wellness.

What Does Physical Wellness Include?

GTTS - What Does Physical Wellness Include?

Is taking care of your body important? Absolutely!

The question becomes, how?

It can be achieved by first identifying the components of physical wellness.

Any type of consumable is included to ensure balance and harmony.

Alcohol? Check. Diet? Check.

Regular exercise? Check.

Road race? Check.

The list can go on and on to include everything that we do.

We must accept the fact that everything is a part of our physical wellness.

Yes, a good night sleep will revitalize our bodies.

Eliminate our excessive consumption of alcohol also helps.

It is our personal instincts to want what we want.

Consequences by darned!

So in essence, every part of your daily just life is a part of your physical wellness.

Examples of Becoming Physically Fit

GTTS - Examples of Becoming Physically Fit

What are some examples of physical wellness?

We all a vice or two that affects our daily lives.

It’s smoking for me.

While I’ve gained control over the alcohol consumption, it’s still a bad choice.

Recognizing each of these vises is only the beginning.

I didn’t realize it until 50 pounds later, but my “couch potato model” was a major contributing factor.

I bet that I’ve watched 60% of the shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max.

If not, then I’m real close.

My lack of physical activity has actually taken a toll on my body.

At 56, my doctor once told me that I had the body of a 70-year-old.

Therefore, to have some skin in the game, I’m not only going to author the information but practice what I preach.

If you feel you want to share your journey as well, feel free to engage with me here.

I won’t feel alone if we take this excursion together.

Physical fitness is an important part of physical wellness.

Gym time, yoga, aerobic, and a HIIT program are just several examples of physical wellness.

Meditating to balance your energy, Chi, or chakra are essential to our wellness.

Oh, did I mention stress?

Yes, stress throws your physical wellness out of wack.

Close your eyes and find your center.

Did you do it?

Subconsciously you tried it, right?

Confidential speaking, I did too!

Read on, so we can find a means to improve our physical wellness.

Developing A Physical Wellness Plan

GTTS - Developing A Physical Wellness Plan

A reality check is in order.

We rarely admit to our shortcomings.

Find away around obstacles is what we do.

But is it enough? The answer is no.

In many respects these aspects of personal wellness are interlinked.

For example, mental and spiritual wellness are a part of physical wellness.

Meaning we must exercise our minds as well as our bodies.

Therefore, to achieve optimal wellness, we should acknowledge that a plan to achieve wellness is required.

First things first!

We must acknowledge that we may have a deficiency in whatever areas that exist.

My list is long and eventually I will achieve a modest balance in my personal wellness.

How about you? Ready to self diagnose?

Don’t worry about me knowing, just be honest with yourself.

But if you tell me, I will listen.

Developing a plan of action strengthens our ability to achieve our goals.

Setting modest goals is only the beginning.

We must determine our current state and build from there.

So let’s see exactly how we are going to do that!

Turn it Around With A Little Faith

GTTS - Turn it Around With A Little Faith

In conclusion, we have defined physical wellness.

We also discuss what makes up physical wellness.

We looked at several examples of physical wellness.

Finally, we were encouraged to establish and adhere to a physical wellness plan.

Look for this topic on physical wellness to expand because we’ve only scratched the surface.

We will address the various categories of physical wellness in future posts.

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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