Spiritual Wellness: Achieving Impressive Clarity

GTTS - Spiritual Wellness: Achieving Impressive Clarity

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The spiritual wellness aspect is the 5th installment of the Personal Wellness Series.

Spiritual wellness is often thought of as a religious parallel.

Religion is an organized system of beliefs and rituals centering on a supernatural being or beings.

Unlike religion, spiritual wellness is strictly an internalized script.

We do not pray to achieve spiritual wellness. It is achieved through a non-religious belief system.

Being comfortable with the life within through the maintenance of ‘doing the right thing’.

Honor, respect, and obedience are just a few characteristics of spiritual wellness.

Making appropriate decisions, finding peace with choices, and following a path to enlightenment.

Having the propensity to adhere to a higher understanding of one’s self.

We each hold the key to becoming more as we seek to elevate our lifestyle.

What Is Spiritual Wellness

GTTS - What Is Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is best described as having a strong connection to life through wellness.

Wholesome within many aspects of morality.

According to an Emily Smith article, “Spiritual wellness is being connected to something greater than yourself and having a set of values, principles, morals and beliefs that provide a sense of – purpose and meaning to life, then using those principles to guide your actions.” 

The areas are based off of our treatment of others and a positive effect society as a whole.

We seldom concern ourselves with things outside of our circles.

It is important that we impact our lives in a way that supports our life’s purpose and values so that we can enjoy a prosperous life.

Slowing down and being mindful are benefits of spiritual wellness.

Mindfulness is a tool that helps us be more self-compassionate and better deal with hardships.

As we improve our spiritual wellness, we gain greater insight into ourselves.

G7 Keys To Spiritual Wellness

GTTS - 7 Keys To Spiritual Wellness

According to Joe Paprocki, the following is what he recognizes as the 7 keys to spiritual wellness:

  1. Seeing Yourself as You Really Are
  2. Actively Seeking the Good of Others
  3. Thinking Before Acting
  4. Holding on Loosely
  5. Recognizing and Setting Limits
  6. Channeling, Not Repressing, Your Desires
  7. Unleashing Your Imagination

We will take a deeper look into each of these keys to gain a better understanding of what each means.

In doing so, we can apply them in our daily routines.

The first key is ‘Seeing Yourself as You Really Are’.

The Dalai Lama said in his book, Self-knowledge opens the door to personal development and meaningful relationships. 

Further, exclaiming that we should join the practice of love and compassion with the practice of insight.

We cannot build without clarity of our actions.

We will discuss how in the next section.

Actively Seeking the Good of Others’ is the second key to spiritual wellness.

We have our circle for a number of reasons; however, love, trust, and a relationship to — has been our primary motivation for those relationships.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough to secure our spiritual wellness.

This key implies that we must act deliberately to find the positive worth in others.

Yes, what people do not generally show you, you must seek it out.

Remaining Keys

GTTS - Remaining Keys

The third key is ‘Thinking Before Acting’.

We can all relate to this one for one reason or another.

It is fairly easy to leap before we look.

One of us (me) has done this as recent as today!

It is going to happen to the best of us; however, we can train ourselves to avoid the majority of our shortcomings.

Nonetheless, rash decisions are in our nature and can be enacted at a moment’s notice.

“Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.” Deepak Chopra

If we start thinking about the possible outcomes of situations prior to acting, we can stave off a great deal of hardships.

Not to say we will not have a few.

The fourth key is ‘Holding on Loosely’.

The first word that comes to mind is control.

We tend to hold on tightly because of the ‘mine’ syndrome — It is my decision, my choice, and my chance.

We are better served to release the tension and allow things to flow.

You cannot spread your roots if the ground is too compressed. 

Recognizing and Setting Limits’ is the next key to spiritual wellness.

Knowing our boundaries and limitations is another means for us to avoid misgivings.

Being the biggest and brightest does not guarantee success.

Stay within your level of expertise until it is time for you to upgrade.

Safe, not sorry!

The next key to spiritual wellness is ‘Channeling, Not Repressing, Your Desires’.

We are on our paths; therefore we must focus on what we desire.

Then we maneuver to achieve it.

We must make what we desire known by every means.

Our milestones, future plans, and achievements are a part of our journeys.

Seemingly, they should be a part of our stories.

‘Unleashing Your Imagination’ is the final key that Paprocki speaks of.

Which is also commonly referred to as ‘Launching Your Genius’.

The incredible power of our imagination one of the greatest assets that we have as human beings.

Once we realize our potential, we can set forth a plan to reach a new level.

There is a beast within us for each day of the week, hypothetically speaking.

This is simply implying that we unlock our minds to embrace the endless possibilities.

Basic Activities And Their Benefits

GTTS - Basic Activities And Their Benefits

In an article, aleppo.org states, “A healthy spiritual practice may include examples of volunteerism, social contributions, belonging to a group, fellowship, optimism, forgiveness and expressions of compassion.”

Spiritual wellness has no shortage of activities.

Taylor Blanchard identified 41 in her article, 41 Spiritual Wellness Activities to Uplift Your Mind, Body & Spirit.

She covers many activities in the article, some of which are surprising.

For example, full moon rituals in which she states salt baths, working with crystals, and smudging are great rituals to use during the full moon.

“Many emerging adults assume that they will be able to flip a switch when they reach marriage and parenthood, leaving behind youthful passions to become sober, faithful and responsible adults,” Pastor Tamara Shelton

They tend to forget that the past is the foundation of their lives.

We do not start anew with each phase of life. It is impossible!

However, by giving ourselves an opportunity to step back and reflect allows us to find clarity.

At which point, we are able to tap into our deepest potential.

One benefit of spiritual wellness include:

  • longevity;
  • an improved emotional state;
  • stronger immune system;
  • reduce risk of disease;
  • improve self-confidence and fitness; and
  • strong support system.

In addition, spiritual wellness aids us in becoming better people.

Setting Meaningful Goals


In order to set spiritual wellness goals, we must first define what it means to us.

It will be different for each individual person.

On the website, Develop Good Habits, “Spiritual goals are any intentions that you have related to discovering your purpose and living a meaningful life.” 

Hesitantly, this is where our metal is tested.

We will find the truth about ourselves as we venture onto this tedious road.

Doing right by ourselves and others is one focal point of our spiritual wellness goals.

It is the essence of our spiritual wellness.

Living a consistent lifestyle based on beliefs, values, and purpose are all effective spiritual wellness goals.

Conceive it! Believe it! Achieve it! Napoleon Hill

Seemingly, becoming aware of how values develop and change from life experiences offers some comfort.

In Closing

GTTS - In Closing

Spiritual wellness helps us find ourselves and project goodness.

Although it is not through the prism of religion, it has a related influence.

As we endeavor to move forward in life, growing our spiritual wellness will have as positive effect on how we treat ourselves and others.

Reluctantly, we release our restraints and find a place of enlightenment.

Spiritual wellness allows us to create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.

As discussed earlier, we impact our lives in a way that supports our life’s purpose and values so that we can enjoy a prosperous life.

Above we discussed 7 keys of spiritual wellness as presented by Joe Paprocki.

We are not confined to one person’s impression.

We choose!

Knowing our boundaries and limitations will help us avoid unnecessary failures.

Not to say we will not fail at something, but the failure will not be for any incalculable actions.

In addition, we looked into releasing your creativity by opening up our imaginations.

Letting our thoughts flow by opening our minds to the endless possibilities.

We learned that there are benefits gained by subjecting ourselves to activities that allows us to improve our spiritual wellness.

Only we can truly add value to our lives.

Testing our metal clarifies our growing potential. It defines who we are in this not so kind world. 

Are you ready?

And I close out by saying, we need what we need!

If we keep our minds right, we can keep our bodies tight!

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